What-my-kid-said Wednesday: my favourite mispronunciations

Toddler-speak can be hilarious, and is often indecipherable unless you are the parent of said toddler.

Here are some of my favourite Bean-isms.

Prizery = privacy

Hockacotter = helicopter

Pimple → pumple → purmple = purple (who knew purple would take so long to get right?)

Peezle = puzzle

Yove = love

Spoom = spoon

BAnana = baNAna

Hawngry = hungry

Fwoopits = footprints

Ingergy = energy

Effascare = excavator (also escalator)

Craps = crafts

Crocogidle = crocodile

And finally, this one isn’t a mispronunciation but it’s pretty cute:

Sprinkles = freckles

What wrong-but-so-right things do your kids say?


7 thoughts on “What-my-kid-said Wednesday: my favourite mispronunciations

  1. Too cute! My 5-year-old hasn’t mispronounced anything for years now, so it was a rare treat to be building a vinegar-and-soda volcano with him yesterday and hear him repeatedly say, ‘This is going to be a HUGE INTERRUPTION!’ (‘eruption’, but I wasn’t going to correct him). And when he was smaller, Buzz Lightyear used to go, ‘To infinity, OCTAGON!’ (‘…and beyond!’, for the uninitiated).
    And my toddler says no words at all, the little stinker, but does mispronounce a kiss (traditionally ‘Mmwah!’) as ‘Bwaaah!’. It’s beyond adorable.


  2. I love it!! This has to be my absolute favorite thing about the age! My daughter who is three has a doctor kit. “Where is my ses-a-scope?” 🙂 My son is constantly asking for “mal,” which took me quite a while to finally figure out was “milk.” Poor guy! 🙂

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  3. This is so adorable! Kids are just so endearing! 🙂 My son is still very new to the speaking thing, so what he says is very off, but he says “duh-druck” which means “Big truck.” All sorts of little things that I am constantly deciphering. But how rewarding it is to know what they are talking about when others don’t. It shows the many hours we spend with them 🙂


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