What-my-kid-said Wednesday: one-liners

This is going to be a quick one. Monkey’s been fussy and drooling like a faucet all day, so that probably means teething, so it’s probably going to be one of Those Nights. On a lighter note, here are some of Bean’s best one-liners from recent days.

After climbing up on his Daddy’s back for a horsey ride around the living room: “Hee haw! Cowboy talk.”

In response to his uncle, who refused to change Monkey’s diaper. “Aw, man! No way. Not cool. Not cool, man.”

Today, in great concern over a case of the hiccups: “Hicc-up, hicc-down, hicc-up, hicc-down. I be hiccing up all day long!”




4 thoughts on “What-my-kid-said Wednesday: one-liners

    • Thanks for reading! I’m a little worried that I’m becoming one of those mums who bores the world with kid stories that no one else thinks are funny… so it’s nice to hear someone besides me liking them!

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    • Thanks! I’ve never been great at documenting the milestones and moments, so writing this blog is taking care of that for me now. I’d love to hear some of your kids’ sayings!


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