Quiet zone


Do you ever wish someone would post a sign like this somewhere in your home?


I love my kids. (But sometimes they drive me crazy.) I want to hug them and never let them go. (But at times I want to escape.) I want to hear all their stories. (Why aren’t they ever quiet?)

Wouldn’t it be nice if every family home came equipped with some kind of government-mandated sanctuary of peace and quiet for parents? If there was a place we could retreat to where the chaos was blessedly absent, just for a little while? I dream of this place. It would be soundproof. It would have a clean, comfortable couch, with a soft, spit-up-free blanket. It would have unlimited coffee, freshly brewed. It would be self-cleaning. It would have a shelf full of books and a selection of tv shows for mindless escapism. It would be invisible to anyone under the age of 20.

What would your sanctuary be like?


6 thoughts on “Quiet zone

  1. That sign is awesome!! And I definitely hear ya on this! Oftentimes my quiet place is the bathroom 🙂 not quiet like the serene self-cleaning room you were talking of, but it works! haha But to be honest, my escape is usually after my boy is in bed as I just quietly sit and think. Great post, Tricia. We really do need the down time to refuel ourselves 🙂


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